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Exergaming / Systems

IMM electronics GmbH specializes in the field of Exergaming with the development and manufacture of devices which are intended to motivate people to move in a playful way. We would like to share our experiences with our own products and offer you solutions for your own product or support you with already existing assemblies.


  1. LED Displays
  2. Device communication wire-bound (Ethernet, CAN) / wireless (Bluetooth, WI-FI)
  3. Integrated sensors (e.g. embedded sensors)
  4. Software development (Android, iOS, Windows, Linux)


  1. design of analogue and digital circuits
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. FPGA-Design
  4. system-on-chip for application (e.g. Zyng)
  5. programming application software, firmware and apps
  6. house-made construction of prototypes and samples
  7. EMV-pretest, EMV-testing
  8. certification support up to the finished product


  1. certified production according DIN ISO 9001
  2. batch traceability by ERP-system
  3. completely lead-free production
  4. installation of complete devices and systems


  1. certified repair services according DIN ISO 9001
  2. spare parts procurement
  3. possible direct delivery to the end customer worldwide
  4. individual consignment warehouses
  5. After Sales Service