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electronics - made in germany

IMM is creative, innovative service provider, partner and driving force in Central Saxony and beyond.

IMM behaves in an honest, reliable and fair way. The principles of day-to-day work are humanity, tolerance, sympathy, responsibility, confidence, fun and joy.
IMM has self-awareness; it demonstrates this and always thinks strategically in its actions.
IMM wants to set trends and to be a role model for others.
IMM's work achieves a profit that makes the company financially independent, allowing growth in accordance with corporate goals, employee safety guarantees, new jobs and training opportunities, thereby bringing the company security in the long term.
IMM fulfills its societal and social obligations. For IMM the environment has not only an economic but also a spiritual and social value.
IMM employees, customers and suppliers become partners and benefit through this partnership.
IMM meets the high demands of its partners without limitations. Through its activities and services IMM wins and retains trust. Problems are opportunities for improvement.
IMM employees are motivated, enthusiastic and identify with IMM. They recognize the opportunity and the obligation to participate in the implementation of the company philosophy.