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IMM corporate policy

IMM electronics GmbH is a dynamic and forward-looking company with the aim to develop, produce and distribute high-quality products, as well as to offer related services.

Our aim is to meet the high quality requirements of our clients and we intend to bind them to the IMM electronics GmbH by a specific marketing strategy. The IMM electronics GmbH ensures with the achievement of a high customer satisfaction that our customers are loyal to our products and services. Competent support and a well thought-out implementation of expectations lead to the maintenance and expansion of the trust of our customers.

Our quality and environmental policy is the framework for obtaining, maintaining and continually improving the quality and environmentally-friendly performances in all corporate units and activities. Each employee is highly aware of his / her actions by incorporating them into the integrated management system, which is subject to annual internal and external audits of the minimum requirements.

The integrated management system serves as a part of the implementation, maintenance and improvement of our business processes. The value-added chain of IMM electronics GmbH will be controlled by fixed processes. They will be regularly monitored and adjusted to the specific entrepreneurial requirements. We commit ourselves to meet the legal provisions and requirements, which is assessed regularly.

The impacts of business activities regarding the environment will be reviewed, monitored and evaluated at the IMM electronics GmbH. Already during the planning phase of product and production development, we exclude possible environmental problems.

In order to support the continuous improvement process, IMM electronics GmbH set annually measurable quality and environmental goals, which are announced to the employees and supported by a resourceful management.
The key figures in of quality and environmental assessments ensure the input and consumption of resources proportional to the size of our company.

The management of IMM electronics GmbH encourages the implementation of quality and environmental responsibility by setting an example at the company, including the sustainable business management style and employee management style. In the IMM structures, basic responsibilities of the job holders are regulated with the corresponding tasks, rights and obligations within the company.
Our employees are regularly trained in qualifying courses on topics related to the integrated management system, environmental protection and occupational safety. They realize the corporate goals at their workplace, inform themselves of possible risks and strive for improvements. The managers motivate and communicate with their employees, so that a healthy and family-friendly working environment is created.

The quality and environmental requirements we fulfil, are conveyed to our customers, partners and suppliers as IMM’s leading strengths.