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1991 - 2021 'Guiding in the field of tension between the employees and customers'

„In 1991 there was a decision to make: I had to do something! Sure there were many people like me. But not everyone had the chance to start one's own business. Despite all of the resistance my motto was ‘Now more than ever!’ at that time. This motto motivated altogether ten years.

After the first successes my staff and I – at that time I already gathered a small team around me –became more courageous. Now the slogan was: ‘Nothing is impossible!’ Meanwhile, about 150 permanent employees belong to IMM, as well as many partners and freelancer.

Other properties are required than in the initial phase. I am learning something new every day. Today I would choose headings like: ‘Differentiate and focus!’ However, above all our partnership philosophy and the idea of ‘The team and the we’ are still bounding.

It’s more complicated than before – in those days the direction was clear: ‘Forward!’ Today you have to try to redefine themselves constantly and its operations as well. The change is fast and the entrepreneur has to change, too. To recognize potentials and opportunities and then to use them for yourself and also for others is the most important characteristic of a good entrepreneur. Additional characteristics of a good entrepreneur include a sense of responsibility, patience and the ability to pick others up, to delegate personal responsibility and as well as to let them share in success – provides an important basis for successful succession of ownership, too.“

source: Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Detlev Müller in Vangründe, september 2014 (2)

IMM company history

  • 2018

    Charity event of the IMM Foundation collects 5000€ for regional projects; 60th birthday of the company founder Prof. Detlev Müller; certificate for the audit "berufundfamilie" awarded; Prof. Detlev Müller receives the special prize "Lebenswerk" of the Osker Patzelt Foundation; Successful TechnologieTAG on the subject of medical technology

  • 2017

    IMM is awarded at the E²MS Award in the category 'Corporate Culture' by the FED e.V. and reaches the jury level at the 'Grand Prize of Medium-Sized Enterprises', IMM supports the celebrations of '150 Years University Mittweida', handing over of a twall® to the Haus Kinderland in Chemnitz/Neukirchen.

  • 2016

    IMM can look back on 25 years history as a company and opens its exhibitions, digitalization will be the main topic, target vision will be reformulated accordingly

  • 2015

    10 years IMM prounique GmbH, final changeover to lead-free manufacturing, restructuring for future based on the current electronics market trends

  • 2014

    10th charity event of the IMM foundation, IMM with its own fair stand at "electronica", presentation of the twall®table at the FIBO, new product audioCam® at "Tonmeistertagung" (audio engineer conference)

  • 2013

    10th anniversary of IMM institute/proagil/IMM foundation, the IMM foundation jointly with the citizens of Mittweida has setting a new Guinness World Record for the largest exhibition of soldering irons

  • 2012

    “IMM excellence.point" (IEP) as the new office for IMM top managers, novel twall® with sensor plate, opening of the centre for entertainment, media- and medical technology (ZUMM)

  • 2011

    IMM at the fair "Arab Health" in Dubai, mobile presentation vehicle "IMM Presenter" as a marketing platform, spin-off of the IMM foundation as an independent foundation

  • 2010

    the year of twall®with a new marketing appearance, opening of FASKAN.point and twall®point, special prize of youth development "Wachstumspreis 2010", second prize Human Resources Award

  • 2009

    IMM event lounge TAG DER SACHSEN (day of saxons), the first twall®-world championship, Mittweida turns into a "twall®-City", the campaign "twall® in space": the ISS expedition 22 including photos of the twall®-pictures

  • 2008

    IMM Ingenieurbüro trades as IMM prostartup to the third "pro-company" (technology /automation), IMM gets European environmental award of "Electronic goes green 2008+"

  • 2007

    realization of the first spring festival in Mittweida "economy meets science", release of the first audiobook due to customer requests (Marco Polo), spin-off of the IMM Ingenieurbüro (engineering office) GmbH

  • 2006

    new company image with a new corporate identity "orchestra", Moving-In of IMM Holding GmbH to the developement- and production centre (EPZ)on the first floor, best ranked in BVMW-"Environment Olympics"

  • 2005

    9th IMM-days of Mittweida with inauguration of the IMM transfer centre (ITZ), foundation of the IMM prounique GmbH, launch of the "BTA-point" project in Chemnitz, the first charity event of the IMM foundation

  • 2004

    first hammer blow with the construction start of the new facility called „blue house” in the first floor, the inauguration of the audio library at GMZ, a 10-layer multilayer produced by IMM for the first time

  • 2003

    foundation of the IMM Holding GmbH, a group of companies to be merged into the IMM group, laying of the foundation stone for GMZ in Mittweida, IMM foundation as a subfoundation of Volksbank Mittweida eG

  • 2002

    moving into the "blue house" in Leipziger Straße 32, more than 100 employees, IMM being involved in “Flood Aid” in Saxony, investments in additional soldering- and placement technology

  • 2001

    foundation of the IMM Elektronik GmbH as a producer of devices and products of microelectronics, innovation award of district Mittweida for medical technology product

  • 2000

    foundation of the pro agil GmbH as "centre for medical fitness and rehabilitation" in Lichtenau, symposium "10 years biokinetic medical technology in Mittweida" with IMM products

  • 1999

    the first series production, the first automatic assembly with Swiss COSY-technology, nomination of IMM for "Grand Prize for Midsized" by the city of Mittweida for the first time

  • 1998

    opening of the biokinetic medical technology centre (ZBM) in Goethestraße 25, presentation of different audio devices and medical technology on scientific conference

  • 1997

    expansion of the office and production room by the construction of an annex, first external presentation at the 102nd. Kongress der Dt. Gesellschaft für Physikalische Medizin und Rehabilitation (Congress of the German Association for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)

  • 1996

    spin-off from ‘TechnologiePark’ as one of the first companies, company's first contact with the RME company through an advertisement of the product ROMSimulator, beginning of the RME audio production (DAM-1)

  • 1995

    first activities in prototyping with material procurement, expansion of the service spectrum, member of the Förderverein Laborwerkstätten Mittweida e.V.

  • 1994

    hire of the first employee (is still employed in the company today), presentation of IMM at the 11th International Symposium of Mittweida University of Applied Sciences in the canteen

  • 1993

    moving into the TechnologiePark Mittweida, joining FED, new CD and extension of the company name, presentation in the Business and Innovation Centre Freiberg

  • 1992

    fitting an office in the Goethestraße 22 in Mittweida, purchase of the first computer, working as a lecturer for local educational institutions and companies

  • 1991

    foundation of the individual enterprise "IMM Computer Using Service" on 1 April 1991, using a CAD-room at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences for commercial orders during night hours