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SMT assembly

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Printing and labelling station

Stencil printer - DEK Horizon 03i

  • Full automatic stencil printer for solder paste application with input and output station
  • Optical justification of the PCB
  • 2D-inspection for checking the solder paste printing
  • Integrated stencil cleaning system
  • Vario-Grid PCB support

Automatic placement machine - Fuji NXT II

  • 6 high speed component modules
  • Capacity up to 40000 components/hour
  • Placing accuracy up to a tolerance of 0,05mm
  • Placement of components of size 0201 and smaller

Reflow soldering installation - VXS Nitro Type 523

  • Full convection reflow soldering machine for SMD-assembled PCBs
  • 5 pre-heating, 2 peak and 3 cooling zones
  • Soldering in nitrogen atmosphere
  • PCB transport with automatic setting of the PCB-width

Automatic Optical Inspection

  • Full automatic optical inspection system (AOI) for control of assembled/soldered PCBs
  • Orthogonal module with 4 cameras, angular perspective with 8 cameras
  • Offline programming
  • Check of polarity, soldering and placement of components

Stencil cleaning system

  • Compact cleaning system for products sized 780 x 950 mm
  • Cleaning screen stencils, misprints, solder carriers and screen squeegees of SMD paste, SMD glue, fluxes or dust