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Media technology

In the business area of media Technology, IMM electronics GmbH develops and manufactures products for the professional audio market. Devices and systems are created here, which are used worldwide for radio stations, TV stations and big live events. Special attention will be paid to a high-quality component selection at moderate product costs as possible. The handling with FPGA-Design and FPGA-programming is a part of our daily work, equally our know-how in IP-based audio solutions.


  • AD/DA-converter
  • Audio-Interfaces
  • Microphone preamplifier
  • Format-Converter of the latest generation with audio-over-IP (i.a. RAVENNA, DANTE)
  • Interface cards for various pro-audio-devices
  • Routers, switch and splitting solutions for pro audio networks


  • design, construction and production of pro-audio-devices
  • design of analogue and digital circuits for the transmission and processing of audio signals
  • Design Embedded Systems for all kinds of pro-audio-devices
  • FPGA-Design, system-on-chip for application
  • creating Firmware for a wide range of controller families
  • development of user software for Windows, OS X, iOS und Android
  • burn-in-test for long-term testing of devices and modules
  • house-made construction of prototypes and samples
  • EMV-pretest, EMV-testing
  • certification support up to the finished product


  • certified production according DIN ISO 9001
  • batch traceability throughout the manufacturing process
  • RoHS compliant
  • worldwide procurement with long-term supplier relationships
  • separate management of additional components


  • certified repair services according DIN ISO 9001
  • spare parts procurement
  • Website with individual access to the registration and traceability of the service cases
  • possible direct delivery to the end customer
  • individual consignment warehouses